Admin Multiple Steam Game Servers from ssh console v0.9

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Este proyecto intenta reunir un conjunto de scripts para administrat uno o varios Servidores de Juegos basados en Steam (y en el antiguo HL) desde la consola de linux, de modo que con un simple SSH podamos conectarnos a nuestro server y administrar facilmente todas las caracteristicas basicas del servidor de juegos. Permite ademas varios usuarios conectados a la vez administrando servidores completamente independientes. Requiere tener funcionando el/los servidores de Juegos a administrar. Tambien requiere tener ssh instalado ( jeje parecia obvio no ??) y tener screen, que habitualmente viene con todas las distribuciones , ademas se necesita pdmenu, un cojonudo programa para hacer y manejar ventanas en modo consola ( ) (or apt-get pdmenu)
Screenshots and Features (english only) ….

Features :

  • Admin multiple servers of games included HL, Natural Selection, Counter Strike, DoD, etc …
  • Connection accepted from SSH (this is a very secure method to admin a server)
  • Direct control to the console server.
  • Automatic detection of currently running Games servers.
  • Start / Stop new Servers.
  • Admin Servers from multiple platforms (putty client for windows) (Java SSH for web) (ssh client for linux) etc …
  • Nice colored interface . 😉

Start point (connect via ssh)

Select active servers to admin:

Console admin of a Counter Strike Server:

Start a Server (Counter Strike and Natural selection at the moment) it’s not difficult to extend.

This software is GPL .
I am packaging all the components to distribute it.
If you need them shortly i can sent it to you by mail.

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