Tips for from the desktop

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The idea is to build a java client that connects asyncrony to the web , and returns am aleatory tip. I started this project a couple years ago, but (it offen happens to me) i never ends it on a nice manner … I think on a simple interface with no window decorations (like Post-it product) and from wich …

Instalacion servidor NS con Metamod y AMX bajo Linux Howto

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Howto para instalar servidor dedicado de Natural Selection 3.0beta3 bajo Linux con AMX Distribucion: Debian 3.0 con actualizaciones de seguridad Maquina : AMD XP 2 GHz 1 Gb RAM 40 Gb Disco Duro Tarjeta grafica ATI 1.- Downloads: Antes de empezar vamos a bajarnos los archivos necesarios: hldsupdatetool.bin (2.84 MB) – Location: (132 MB) – Location: Check downloads …

Admin Multiple Steam Game Servers from ssh console v0.9

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Este proyecto intenta reunir un conjunto de scripts para administrat uno o varios Servidores de Juegos basados en Steam (y en el antiguo HL) desde la consola de linux, de modo que con un simple SSH podamos conectarnos a nuestro server y administrar facilmente todas las caracteristicas basicas del servidor de juegos. Permite ademas varios usuarios conectados a la vez …

Simon Says on J2ME

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I start to develop a new porting of Simon Says , One of the best games i like to play. The main difference with the rest of the Simon Says games is that it may be a portable game (for all devices J2ME capables, applets and java frontend) it may have a network secuence of the day, on that, people …

Ricochet Robot on J2ME v0.9

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This is a tryinf of build a porting of the classic game boar Ricochet Robot on a J2ME style , its my first J2ME and don\’t expect a lot of features … Is developed under JBUILDER with mobileset pack, but i am currently migrating to eclipse. The test hardware is a Siemens S55 Ricochet Robot web game is on …

HP DL380 G3 Debian Linux Howto

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A new fabricant problem surges when you try to install linux (particulary debian) on some hardware . The Hardware is a Xeon Rack , the ProLiant DL380 Generation 3 consists of : Compaq’s SMART Array Controllers Broadcom Network Card the rest of the hardware installs well .