Attack the bugs with Bugzilla and a cool interface …

Víctor Fariña General, Technology

For a long time i am looking at a great interface to a bug tracker, the best bug tracker i know is bugzilla, but it have a terrible ugly interface, so i keep looking for another bug tracking systems, on this work i found a lot of systems :
wickle bugzila capture
mantis bug tracker
flyspray (the best interface of all)
and a lot more …

but this ones are all of inferior quality of bugzilla, so i try to make a template to bugzilla, with no success.

So when i am going to forget it, i look at mediazilla, bugzilla interface of mediawiki(the wiki of wikipedia), and i like it very much … so i talk at irc with TimStarling (thanks man) who send me the template of it .
I put the template to download here.
you can view it in action at my bugtracking page.