Java Admin Users, a interafce to admin LDAP Users and GrRoups

Víctor Fariña General, Technology

On the last months i start the development of another program, Its codename is JAdminUsers.

JAdminUsers is a Java program that uses SWT as a look and feel framework. Its main goal is administer and maintain LDAP users and groups on a distributed system.This days I am administering a large corporate where all users are maintained at hand . We started to migrate all systems (Solaris, Digital Unix and Linux) to use a central LDAP repository, but we need a tool to add/delete and modify users. The few applciations we can find on the web are useless. Thats the main reason i start the development of JAdminUsers.

Yo can view the project at his wiki There are a few screenshots too.
Current version is 0.3 and Webstartable.