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This weekend i started a new project , i new idea … (usually those that never ends up ;)) )

The habitual method of my day work is to connect (via putty) to a remote machine where i configured the pdmenu with a interface
to administer the system and to read mail (via mutt) connec IRC (BitchX) etc …
Recently i would like to annotate all things i just do on a day (a typical diary ) but if this diary could run on a vt100/ansi terminal, then
I can do everithing from the pdmenu interface.


After trying to find a diary ncurses based (google, freshmeat, sourceforge, …) i desist .. then i need to make one …
I started to develope it on JAVA with the CHARVA library (first the GUI is SWING based) then i will convert it to console mode.
the style of the window must be integrable with the pdmenu interface on the capture.
I am started this project on my CVS and on Sourceforge (without link at the moment).
on a few days i put links an more technical stuff.

If you are interested on the project go to the page of the project: