JLibrary, a repository for personal and corporate Documentation

Víctor Fariña General, Technology

On the last days i joined the JLibrary team to try to help a bit on the development of this excelent program.
The project has the Goal of creating a JSR-170 compatible driver. Jlibrary uses the filesystem to store all corporate (or personal) documentation, it also tracks versions maden to the documents on the repository.
The interface is build around Eclipse Rich Client Platform, so its easy to use and has a nice look.

You can download the project or look at the tutorials at the projects page here
Thats a short feature list:

  • Local and remote repository of documents.
  • Inline editing of documents.
  • Document Categories
  • Metadata management on every document added
  • Security based on roles, groups and users.
  • friendly look and feel
  • i18n
  • lock of documents while any user are editing it

Well, thats a short list of features , look at the web page for more info.