Ricochet Robot on J2ME v0.9

Víctor Fariña Projects, Technology

This is a tryinf of build a porting of the classic game boar Ricochet Robot on a J2ME style , its my first J2ME and don\’t expect
a lot of features …
Is developed under JBUILDER with mobileset pack, but i am currently migrating to eclipse. The test hardware is a Siemens S55 Ricochet Robot web game is on http://www.wickle.com/ricochet
The objective of this game is to place the indicated robot on the finish chip, for that end you can move on 4 directions only
and the robot stop walk when it finds an object or a wall.

Screenshots and Features (english only) ….

Plans to implement:

  • Play over the net with online updating of scores with ither players.
  • Play with Multiple people simultanously (via bluetooth)
  • Adapt to all screen types , currently it try to adapt but on some cases it fails.

This software is GPL .
Make donations is you find this application useful 😉