1 hour with Sun Java Studio Creator 2

Víctor Fariña General, Technology 89 Comments

On the process of learning new technologies, I started with JSF. To test it i try to develop an easy application with some modern IDE that implement this technology. The choosed was Sun Java Studio Creator 2 .
Starting a new application with JSC 2 is easy, just install the IDE, create a new JSF project, and start dragging components into the web page, you can manage the events just clicked on a button and typing the java code associated to the button.

The problems comes when you need to import an external generated code, for example we use appfuse to generate the skel of our apps. At the moment we import it on eclipse without problems. but JSC2 DON’T HAVE an import button ¿??¿¿? … Wow impressive , i can’t believe it. Well … Them i try to import the code from the CVS repository, but oh oh, it doesn’t work, the interface to connect to a repository is a lot of strange, it asks unnecesary questions and, well, we have spent 45 minutes. Trying to configure CVS was a time comsuption task.


1 hour and we can’t start a project using JSC 2, two of the main features of an IDE was import and CVS access , and JSC 2 lacks of them.
I hope JSC 2 include this features in the future because starting a new project is easy and fun, writing web applications fast was a grat thing, and doing it visually was great.

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